Hello, I am MoTech!

MOTO TECHNIUM CORPORATION (MotoTech) is an Automotive Technology company engaged in providing major automotive parts, accessories and related services to the consumers. It provides a unique and innovative approach to meet the customer’s needs, especially those seeking more efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

The company was established in February 2016 and under the founder’s vision to deliver wide-range solutions, the company linked up with automotive solutions manufacturers and franchised MOTECH Automotive service center. It is manned by a highly proficient, highly dedicated group of car enthusiasts.


MotoTech – in its goal to attain a position of industry leadership through efficient and systematic management of Automotive Technology is dedicated to pursue the following corporate objectives:

  • Provide a wide-range of automotive related products and services that are innovative and up to date with current market trends while at the same time supplying quality of service that adheres to internationally accepted standards.
  • Enhance client’s automotive technology awareness.
  • Advance opportunities for professional growth and progress for MotoTech employees on the basis of performance, integrity and loyalty.

Keep a steadfast commitment to the development of MotoTech resources.


To deliver automotive solutions and services which meet the customer’s needs and empower them by providing simplified solutions through highly skilled-professionals.


To be the leading automotive service and solutions provider in the Philippines by meeting the needs and demands of clientele through an innovative and highly competent approach geared towards customer satisfaction.

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