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Quality service is a must!


Great overall service and friendly people, especially Bogs.

Definitely better and cost-efficient than your typical casa.

Got troubled? We've got your back.


Had car trouble tonight. Called Motech's towing service as I'm a member. Coordination was swift and updates were regularly made.

As an added bonus, when I called Bogs (shop supervisor), he even dropped by to assist me and stayed until the tow truck arrived. This is what you call premium service. Kudos to Motech!

Listen. We recommend.

Thank you for the great service yesterday, attendants and service personnel were really great. Helped me out with all my questions and checked everything before telling me if there's anything I should note. 'til next time! 🙂

What We Do

Check-Up Electrical & Wiring

Tire Mounting

Engine Tune-Up

Engine Flushing (De-Carbonizing)

Core Services

Oil Change

When it does, it becomes less effective at lubricating the engine and absorbing heat. As an automobile owner, your goal is to change the oil in your engine before it breaks down and causes major engine troubles.


When it comes to safety, tires are one of the most important components of your vehicle. Your brakes stop the wheels from turning, but it’s the grip of the tires that actually brings your car to a stop.


Your car’s suspension system is responsible for smoothing out the ride and keeping the car in control. Specifically, the suspension system maximizes the friction between the tires and the road to provide steering stability and good handling.

Under Chassis

Whether it’s your transmission, universal joints, axles, belts or fluids our trained mechanics will check it all to make sure your cars running as smoothly as it can.


If your battery needs to be replaced, we will walk you through what battery is right for you and won’t do any work until you give us the go ahead.

Air Conditioning

Whether they are installed in a building, or in a car. The fridge or freezer is in a way an air conditioner as well. Air conditioning is a field in it’s own right, but we’ll stick to the main points or a car’s air conditioning and the main parts used and a few hints to keep the air-con system running properly.


So is staying informed about its ability to perform. Left unchecked, a weak or dead battery can wreak havoc on other electrical system parts, like alternators and starters. If your electrical system is showing signs of acting up, don’t delay.

Brakes And Clutch

Get to know your brakes before they are gone. Clutches and manual transmissions can almost always be evaluated in a timely manner, while you wait. A professional should be able to tell you what is causing your symptoms.

Wheel Alignment

When your vehicle’s suspension system is out of alignment, it’s probably going to lead to uneven tire wear, and that means a shorter life expectancy for your tires. With regular alignment, however, your tires will last longer and save you money.
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Nitrogen Inflation

Not only can nitrogen assist in maintaining the correct tire pressure for longer, the large reduction of other gases and water vapor found in your tires result in a more consistent pressure at higher operating temperatures.

Engine Reconditioning

Engine reconditioning can involve a number of services – from a major engine rebuild to a service involving rod resizing, line boring, repairs, crack repairs or even replacing engine parts like alternators, spark plugs, pumps and carburetors.

Coilover Tuning

For those looking to go fast off-road, a well-tuned suspension is a necessity. For those simply searching for a better ride quality on- and off-road, it’s an investment in comfort. One of the most common and sought-after suspension upgrades is moving to coilover shocks. The reason is simple.

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